Saturday, October 6, 2012

Out of the studio - BigCi

The bushland property of BigCi is like one giant living studio space. I'm enjoying working outdoors here, listening to the various bird calls and watching leaves fall to the gully below like natural confetti.
I was drawn to an empty metal frame sitting in the bush and felt it resembled a cabinet, perhaps of curiosities, like a museum showcase of environment specimens. So I set about collecting elements of the landscape and making a cabinet of sorts with paper sides. Then it became a 'drawing cabinet' as I thought about stains and marks drawn by the elements, weather and falling debris.... Perhaps even a marauding night animal.... Who knows, and isn't that all part of the experience. My installation has weathered for a few days now and misty rain all day today has me excited to see what develops. Makes up for the slight disappointment I felt on the first overnight morning when not a single mark or fallen leaf had intervened.... Ha!
In the late afternoon light shadows transform the space into a puppet theatre setting. I wonder what it will be like in three weeks time.


  1. Ha! love this! (as of course I would ;~) hope you capture some nice serendipitous moments....

  2. Oooh, fantastic. What a fabulous idea! I hope you'll share the results.