Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sculpture by the Sea

Last weekend I had an opportunity to visit Sculpture by the Sea for my first time. We caught a bus to Bondi Beach and walked the beautiful coastal trail from Bondi to Tamarama Beach. With 113 sculptural works to see along the way, we enjoyed several hours of viewing.
There is a wide range of works, material, subject and concept. Some works are funny, others reflect on the landscape they are situated in. Poignant works reflected on tragedies of tsunami and bombings, while others were aesthetically beautiful. I enjoyed a wide cross section of works on show, a few images are below. Sculpture by the Sea continues till 4th November.
Detail of 'mengenang (memory)' a wind driven installation of 222 bamboo 'bird-scarers' tuned to D-minor began as a reflection on 222 lives lost in the Bali bombings, by Cave Urban.
'Paper boats' by Maurizio Perron, I thought these were very striking in contrast to the coastline.
'Together' by Elaine Clocherty made with found local natural materials, harmonized beautifully with the sandstone coast.


  1. Isn't this similar to what we saw at the Gold Coast a few years ago?

  2. hmmmm me thinks those paper botas look not only striking - but strikingly similar to my paper boats launched at sculpture on the edge - 2011 >> (SotE is a mini-partner event of SBTS)

    but then paper boats are paper boats - so all of them look similar to things most of us made as kiddies wot?!

  3. Hi Mum, Yes the Gold Coast has Swell, which is a similar type of event with sculptures displayed along the beach foreshore. Sculpture by the Sea is a larger 'venue' with more works.