Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sunnyside Canyon - Gardens of Stone National Park

This week I had an amazing experience 'walking' at Sunnyside Canyon in Gardens of Stone National Park. It's a dramatic landscape of pagoda stone geology with heath covered rock plateaus, iron stone and sandstone sculpted outcrops, sheer drops, and below in shaded wet canyons another world of ferns, pools and cavernous ampitheatres. The images I have of the canyon area really don't capture it's narrow yet grand scale.
After almost standing on a large Bearded Dragon as we were about to begin the walk; we headed through scrub till large rock platforms emerged, vegetation became heath like and a small creek appeared. This was the beginning of the gorge, which gradually grew deeper as we headed along. Gradually one carved out cave after another was encountered, along with lush tree fern surrounded pools and huge rock fall blockages. One cavern was incredibly symmetrical and the size of a small theatre, I scrambled up to the back 'seat' and took in an amazing view of the space with brilliant sunlight illuminating the gorge beyond. We went as far as possible to a point where the canyon meets a sheer cliff drop to the valley below. Then it was time for the dramatic exit, we headed back to a split in the rock plateau above and scrambled to the surface, where we were back on plateau heath again with stunning views of the valley and beyond. Such an amazing place and experience!! Thanks again Yuri.
(The plateau surface image shows a slot in the stone - centre above tree/bush - which is where we emerged from the canyon below.)


  1. How will have so many images in your mind for later.

  2. ooo I've so enjoyed your handful of pics from the garden of stone - a couple of weeks ago I listened to radio national podcast about the site and I only had my imagination to furnish the pics..... (ps here's a link to the podcast if anyone else would like to listen >