Monday, October 8, 2012

Wollemi National Park - wildflowers

This mornings walk in Wollemi National Park revealed a few fresh wildflowers to me. Some are just opening and I'll make a few trips this week to see them in full bloom. Others I suspect were there on previous walks, gradually my eye is becoming more attuned to fine details within this densely layered landscape. The spent banksia cones are rich in colour after recent rain, and a flower I always appreciate even when spent.
The Field guide to Australian Wildflowers I purchased last week at the Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens has been very useful in identifying many plants.
The orchid is Purplish Bearded Orchid (Calochilus robertsonii), quite large at about 3cm across and beautifully streaked color.
The white flower is Leptospermum macrocarpum, I think, and is just coming into flower now, I find the form stunning. This wildflower is mainly found in the Blue Mountains on sandstone or rocky sites.
The tiny pink cupped flower may be Fringed Heath Myrtle, but I'll need to do some more identification work on this one.

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