Friday, November 9, 2012

Artists Pool - Cradle Mountain

 'Life on the waters' edge - Artists Pool', © 2012. Nicola Moss. Acrylic, pigmented ink and charcoal on canvas, 122 x 122cm. Photographed by Carl Warner.

When we arrived at Cradle Mountain one of our first stops was at the National Parks office to purchase a map of walks in the area. Whilst pouring over this a small speck of water caught my attention - Artists Pool, with a name like that I had to see it. On our second day of walking we took the trail over Hansons Peak and then continued on along Lake Rodway Track to Artists Pool. Situated on the eastern side of Cradle Mountain the track passes through dense shrub areas, moist peat sections and then into a valley with large weather-bonsai'd pencil pines. It's a very scenic walk with the mountain rockfaces reaching high on one side. When we reached Artists Pool I could see it is aptly named with amber coloured waters reflecting mature gnarled trees, mountain back drop and delicate ground cover surrounds. We spent some time having lunch there enjoying the pristine environment. I found these natural 'compositions' in the landscape at Cradle Mountain very inspiring.

I'm very tempted to return again in an Autumn-Winter season to see the pool covered in snow, you can see a photograph by Grant Dixon here.

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  1. Beautiful work Nicola and your lyrical description makes me want to visit Cradle Mountain too.