Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I headed down to Queenscliff in Victoria this weekend for the official opening drinks and artist conversation for my exhibition at Salt Contemporary Art.

Fiona asked me some interesting questions during our 'artist conversation', and as happens in contemplation afterwards, I think of what I would like to have added to my responses. Her first question asked about the title of the exhibition 'Breathing in Mountains' and what meaning this had for me. The exhibition features paintings that reflect on my experiences of the World Heritage listed environment of Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, which I visited this year in February. The landscape of Cradle Mountain is incredibly pristine, there is almost no 'built' environment, with some board walk paths protecting fragile vegetation, but this is the extent of man made features. In landscapes like this I am aware of being in a place that is completely alive, landscapes are living, I am surrounded by communities of lives. There is no concrete, no hum of machinery or bling of an iphone. As I walked each day through the striking environments at Cradle Mountain I felt all of my senses were engaged, awakened to the sounds, smells, textures and sights. I feel a sense of connection to the lives around me, I am alive in a place which is full of life, and in essence these days spent in natural landscapes are the ones when I feel most alive. My title 'Breathing in Mountains' encapsulates this feeling of breathing in the natural world, it is a feeling of recharging for me, even elation at times.

I would like to thank Fiona and Salt Contemporary Art for hosting my exhibition and doing a great job of hanging the works. Thank you to all my family and friends, along with visitors to the gallery who came along for the afternoon, it was great to see and meet you. Also thank you to Deirdre Carmichael who writes the Artin' Geelong blog for a great post about the works in my exhibition; it was lovely to catch up with you again Deirdre. And to those who couldn't make it on the day but sent me good wishes, Thank you.

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  1. Thanks so much Nicole. Congratulations on a wonderful exhibition! All your paintings hanging on the wall look fantastic and it is great to see how you conveyed the feeling of being in the Cradle Mountain national park. Good to see you on Sunday and all the best for the year ahead. What world heritage area will you go to next?