Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I've been putting finishing touches on the artworks for my upcoming exhibition - Culture Ecology. With a week left to go till installation, it's a good feeling to be getting to the final details. I am excitedly looking forward to seeing the works on show unframed in the new project space at SGAR: Spiro Grace Art Rooms.

Culture Ecology presents new works developed from my artist in residence experiences at Hill End. Historical and contemporary influences of making home and the shaping of Hill End's ecology are explored in a silhouette series and large wall installation.

Invitations and more details coming the mean time I'm contemplating what to make with all the off-cuts.


  1. I'm really drawn to that middle pic - looking forward to seeing more (oooo what WILL you be doing with these....)

  2. It's looking great Nicola. Glad to hear you are nearly there.

  3. Thank you! Ronnie, Susan and Sue. I'm excited too, installing this week and looking forward to seeing it all together. More pics soon.