Monday, May 27, 2013

In the studio

Where did May go? It's been a month of solid work in the studio, with new pieces coming together for my upcoming exhibition at Redland Art Gallery. I started work on this project - 'With or without' towards the end of 2011. An art camp week at North Stradbroke Island in March last year provided a lot of source material in the form of frottage papers capturing the geology of coastal landscape forms; along with ideas around issues of biodiversity and sustainability in Moreton Bay.

At the time I had thought 2012 might be a quieter year, a time for studio work, but quite a few other projects, residencies and exhibitions filled the year....who am I kidding, it was flat out and provided a whole lot more inspiration and source material which will keep me creating for the next couple of years. (No complaints here.) So amidst this it has been interesting to have time now to return to a project begun a couple of years ago, to approach the papers and reference material with memories of the experiences and ideas. Without me realising it ideas for this project have continued percolating away in the back of my mind. It's been exciting to read back over my visual diaries and reignite the questions and thoughts that sparked my enthusiasm for this series in the first place. 'What is sustainability?'


  1. have you noticed that the word 'sustainability' has mutated (been diluted?) over recent years.... its now much broader in meaning and been almost totally co-oped by corporations.... wellllll at least that's my observations (and something I've been percolating in the grey matter for a few years....) have fun making - and finding new thoughts around the 'S' word

  2. You are spot on Ronnie. Part of my question is what is sustainability - REALLY. Have humans ever been truly sustainable? Many of us would like to live 'green' lives but what does that mean in the 21st century? Is sustainability a utopian idea that clouds where we might be able to make change with real effect? So many questions....
    Thanks for your thoughts.