Sunday, July 28, 2013

la biennale Venice 2013 - multiples

I've long held a soft spot for artworks that consist of multiples, I'm not sure if it's the geometric layout that they often form, or that together the works can at times become far more than the individual parts. These are a few that caught my eye.

This is a small selection (detail) of the work by Colombian artist Jose Antonio Suarez Londono titled "Franz Kafka, Diaries II (1914 - 1923), 2000 mixed media. Jose began drawing a daily response to Brian Eno's diary, "A year with swollen Appendices" and has since moved on to the diaries of Paul Klee, Franz Kafka and Eugene Delacroix. Jose reads until he feels inspired to draw, paint or write. To date the artist has created 65 'Yearbooks' - his term for the notebooks containing his daily drawings.

Many artists would be familiar with the practice and commitment of a drawing a day and I enjoyed seeing this work in response to someone else's diary entry. The work on each little index card is numbered and varies from sketch, abstract geometry and figurative to almost scientific diagram in style. Again I spent quite some time looking through these wonderful pages, some simple, others elaborate; en mass - quite special. This youtube has a section featuring Jose's work.

This work 'Senza titolo' 2013, (Mixed media on paper, bronze, wood, plaster, mirror, glass, plasticine, clay, brass and burnt wood) by Marco Tirelli is one of my overall favourites from the biennale. My aesthetic favours tonal contrast, so a whole room of black and white with some shades of grey was amazing! This is perhaps a work that could be looked at quickly and passed by, the individual elements have a minimal touch to them. But spending time in this room, within the work in a way, revealed so much more. There is a lovely play across surfaces of varied texture in 2D line drawing, printed and tonal work, overlayed with 3D objects cast and carved, and then the mirror and shelves add another element again. The overall composition and layout of the work is spot on, I could easily live with this work(s). Part of the Italian Pavillion.

A difficult to photograph work by Petra Feriancova from Oskar Ferianc's archive - 'Creator' 2008, New breeds 1948 - 1962. It was interesting to see a large wall covered with photographs of so many different breeds of pigeon. I looked at this work wondering how many of the breeds were still in existence today, are there still enough passionate breeders around to keep all the varieties pure and ongoing?

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