Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Art and Science

'Priority species (Moreton Bay)' Nicola Moss ©2013. Synthetic polymer paint on hand cut paper, 137cm diameter.

Collaboration in Art and Science can create an interesting 'place' to engage with ideas, and some of the issues we are facing today. For some time the science of ecology has been the focus of my arts practice. It is a field which most closely reflects my world view - a universe where everything is connected to everything else. A complex network of relationships and dependencies, where nothing exists in isolation. Ecology and art are constant in my everyday life and it's in this scale of day to day activity that I have focused my latest body of work.

At a national level, Australia's Biodiversity Conservation Strategy (2010 - 2030) identifies its number one priority for action to achieve healthy and resilient biodiversity and provide a basis for living sustainably as 'Engaging all Australians'. My project - With or without - aims to reflect and interpret information about environmental issues of concern today. Presenting art as a form of visual language that viewers can engage with and contemplate in relation to their own experiences. In part my project is about asking many questions, perhaps the ones we are all asking ourselves about the paradox of sustainability.