Monday, August 5, 2013

Coast Life at the new Gold Coast University Hospital

'Coast Life' Nicola Moss ©2013. Digital print on vinyl, glass application.

The opening of the new Gold Coast University Hospital is drawing near, it's where you can see my artwork 'Coast Life' - one of six major three dimensional sculptural public artworks at the GCUH site. The completed glass application artwork spans six levels in the main entrance and atrium.  

'Coast Life' began as a series of black and white pencil drawings in 2009. I referenced various sites and habitats from coast to hinterland, drawing on the textures, silhouettes and details to create a distinct sense of place. In every environment a complex web of life exists through relationships of support and dependence. Interaction between plant and animal species is depicted in my artwork with images of habitat as home, shelter and food provider. I am drawing a metaphorical reference to the Gold Coast University Hospital operating as an ecology, with staff, patient and visitor connecting in relationships of care, support and service.

Projects like this can only be achieved with the support of many team members, all of whom I would like to thank. With special mention and thanks to Stacie Gibson, Lead Designer at UAP during the project and Renai Grace, Public Art Curator for the GCUH site.

If you are a Gold Coaster, you may be interested in the upcoming 'sneak peek' community day on Saturday 7th September. It's an opportunity to take a guided tour of areas of the hospital and hear the latest information about facilities and health services. Regular updates can also be read here.


  1. amazing great to art being inscribed upon such drab/heavy public such a beautiful lift and aesthetic beauty to not only the structure but all the bodies being nursed within...thanks...inspiring....

  2. Thank you means a lot to hear your thoughts.