Thursday, August 1, 2013

In the garden

It has been a wet winter on the Gold Coast this year. The upside of this is watching the garden flourish in greenness...if there is such a word. When I was away for a few weeks the vegie patch was left to fend for itself. And as I have found in the past, it can cope quite well without my attention, plants doing what they do. As long as there is some moisture everything keeps growing, flowering and seeding. I look forward to seeing this transformation when I return from a trip, rather than the incremental day to day subtleties.

So the broccoli that wasn't barely a head before I left, has passed through the cooking pot stage to now be worthy of a vase. With bees buzzing furiously around though, I decided to leave them in the ground for now. The passionfruit crop has ripened and fallen to the ground. Oranges are being devoured from the tree by white cockatoos - they are definitely ready for harvest; and the mulberry tree is ready for pruning. Now I just have to be patient and hold off on the spring seed sowing.


  1. its cooler and drier down thisa way (and my vege garden has been totally neglected for the past 6 months as I had my head in the books...) so my broc is just starting to produce a head.... hey - one year when my broc heads started going to seed in between pickings I harvested the partly flowering heads, made a tempura batter, dipped them and fried them - YUM! it was a revelation!

  2. Our broccoli is looking the same as yours.