Sunday, September 8, 2013

One year on...

One year ago I was in Hill End on an artist residency, how time flies by. Memories of the place are still strong in my mind as is the inspiration I gathered.

I've made a start to my next body of work, a series of paintings inspired by the ecology and cultural heritage of Hill End. This month has been a transitional time in the studio, packing away papers and reference material from my recently completed work -' With or without'. Re-organising the studio, pulling out the easel, revisiting journal notes, photos pinned back on the wall and ideas sparked again. I'm feeling excited and slightly nervous at this point...the anticipation of realising ideas and visuals in my mind, and at the same time thinking - "oh boy! It's been a year since I put paint to canvas" will I remember how? :-) Of course I will! but you know it's like an unknown starting point and anticipation of possibilities. I'm looking forward to seeing how the past year of paper cutting may influence the next series of paintings...I'll post some updates as the works develop.

In the meantime here is something I've been working on with the 'left over' pieces of cut paper, I mentioned here that I'd have to work out what to do with them. This colour palette of Hill End papers is something I'll be referencing while painting.

Now it's back to the easel.

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