Friday, October 25, 2013

With or without

'Conundrum (RE:CON Series)' Nicola Moss ©2013. Synthetic polymer paint, frottage, hand cut papers. Courtesy of SGAR.

It's a week till my exhibition With or without opens at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland. All the works are wrapped and ready for delivery early next week, I'm looking forward to seeing them up together on the walls.
In the last week I've had some potent reminders of what inspired me to work on this project in the first place. The idea of sustainability, what does it really mean and how do we achieve it? It's a very complex area and yet some simple truths hold - everything living on this planet is connected, we are all part of an ecology that relies on relationships and dependencies between species and the environment around us. Sometimes the environment we draw on for our needs is global, the flip side of this is what happens elsewhere can and will influence us here at a local level.

These thoughts were brought into focus when I read an article from the Newcastle Herald by Greg Ray. 'The ocean is broken' describes in a personal account the experiences of Newcastle sailor Ivan Macfadyen. Ten years apart Ian has sailed the same course from Australia to Osaka and then on to San Francisco but with very different experiences on the two trips. The article expresses it best and is well worth a read.
I am left pondering if we are choosing to live with pollution and without life.

With or without takes a look at the conundrum of sustainability with a focus on biodiversity conservation and waste management - on a more positive note there are good stories to be shared as well!

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  1. good luck with the exhibition opening.... oooooo the conundrum of the word 'sustainable'.... it seems to have been co opted by big business to mean 'able to do business as usual'... sustaining the madness

    on the positive side - I've been noticing a distinct shift in social media land towards reviewing the paradigms of environmental madness..... just like the article you mention, there are ordinary folk getting cranky and then getting politicised.... bring on the change!