Saturday, April 26, 2014

In the flow of making

'Making home (detail)' ©2014, Nicola Moss.

After all the thinking of a couple of weeks ago I thought a little update on progress in the studio would be in order. Although it felt frustrating at the time, trying to refine and collate the ideas in my mind, I have to say it has been time well invested. The last week has been fantastic with making and developing all go-go in the studio. I can see that by working through thoughts and connections, various experiences and serendipitous readings from earlier in the month; I don't just have ideas for one or two works, but rather ideas for a whole body of work. I am a contemplative thinker and I can see that taking this time is of value to my practice.
So while the creative juices are flowing I'm going to get back to it. More updates shortly.

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