Friday, April 4, 2014


 Have I mentioned how much I love books and reading? As a kid it was the yearly MS Read-athon clocking up the book titles. Then lists like '50 books you must read in your life', which did bring me to some classic favourites - here is one such list, though not the one I started working through. More recently I've been drawn to biographies and historical texts along with travel, food and contemporary art. A few years ago I headed along for the first time to the Lifeline Bookfest held in the Brisbane Convention Centre. The event is now a regular and anticipated date in my diary. The Bookfest alternates between Lifeline and Vinnies, roughly every 6 months. My first stop is the out of print book section, where I've picked up gems like 'Hillendiana' by Donald Friend and countless other books. I take my green shopping bags with me and decide it's time to leave when I can't carry any more weight....there's always next time. So a new bookshelf in my studio would be of no surprise, or the fact that is already full!

A few recently read texts are pictured. I'll never look at a Vermeer painting the same way again after reading 'Girl with a pearl earring' and I'm eagerly anticipating our first trip to Japan later this year.

Happy reading.

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  1. lifeline bookfair .... ooooooooo yes YES YES!