Monday, October 20, 2014

Flowering Street Trees - Grafton

Mid spring is a lovely time of year for seeing the flowering street trees of Grafton. Apart from the mauve haze of Jacaranda which the town is synonymous with, there are other bold splashes in yellow - Tabebuia and Silky Oak; Red - Flame tree and Tree Waratah; along with white jacaranda, pink clusters of white cedar and numerous others.


A poem by M. Beckman of Grafton:
Flower-laden spring
Arrayed in soft tones of green, purple and gold.
The City of Grafton is fair to behold;
And soon, now, her bright festive songs she will sing.
The year has again brought sweet flower-laden spring
And festival time to this city of flowers.
Whose petals fall soft like continuous showers.
Soon moonlight will gleam with her silvery light.
On Grafton at play, a fair, glamorous sight.

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