Friday, October 31, 2014

Flowers and memory

I came to Grafton on my residency to look at the ecology and trees of this historic city, and think about how the community engages or relates to the environment around them. During my time here I have seen many connections to the flowers of the trees and of course most evident the Jacaranda Festival celebrations that are timed to coincide with its flowering.
During the week I headed to South Grafton to look at the Jacaranda Embroidery Group's Biennial Exhibition of needlework. What really caught my eye was the Remembrance display of needlework. The poppy flower displayed in crochet was very striking, but even more intriguing I found were the historic needlework with messages of luck, hope and celebration. They all feature natural elements in flowers, vegetation, birds and landscape. Flowers have so many cultural associations of remembrance, celebration, home, thanks and the simple pleasure of perfume and visual beauty. Plenty to think about while I am here.

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