Friday, October 24, 2014

Grafton ecology

Out and about on my walk this morning taking rubbings of trees and collecting fallen blooms. The studio collection of textures and various flora is growing steadily. I had great fun this week working with a large palm tree seed sprout to make marks on paper while 'thinking tree' and looking at some reference photos. It was the feel or experience of tree that I had in mind. The resulting marks have created a lovely tonal quality of organic and spontaneous energy.
This week I noticed a Mexican Tree Fern flowering at See Park and collected a number of fallen flower stems, I suspect birds have been doing their damage. The chartreuse stems and yellow open flowers were off-set with the dark black brown outer capsule of the closed flower buds, still to open.

Today I worked over a lot of my earlier coloured papers to develop a harmonious palette of Grafton. Hopefully when I look again tomorrow morning it will still gel together.

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