Monday, November 3, 2014

In the studio

Work is starting to come together on the wall of the studio at Grafton Regional Gallery. I'm at the end of week three in my residency, with one week to go. It's always interesting to be somewhere you don't know and experience the place and community - I think of it as being a sense of 'fresh eyes'. Nothing is that familiar so I tend to see everything equally, so to speak. Four weeks is a good length of time to get a feel for a place, I can't 'know' it, but connections and ideas develop, often unexpectedly.
Sound is something that has put me outside of my comfort zone during the residency. Before I came I was thinking of Grafton as being in regional Australia, a country town, and hadn't quite grasped the suburban town-ness of being in an apartment on Fitzroy Street. Where I live and work on the Gold Coast is very quiet, silence is a common experience during my days there. I hadn't realised how much of a sanctuary that place is, removed really from a lot of the day to day activities of community. Grafton has ignited many thoughts about community, participation, and what it means to live in town. I won't miss the street sweeper at 4.30am every morning, but I am aware of being far more engaged with community life and its emotions. Plenty for me to contemplate....this has been in part a 'fresh ears' experience.

I would like to Thank very much Grafton Regional Art Gallery for supporting my artist residency, with generous funding from Arts NSW. The residency has been a unique experience, I'm looking forward to the next week.

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