Friday, November 7, 2014

Out of the studio

I had a great day on Tuesday when I joined local artist Sue Harris, who invited me to go with her, on an outing to see fauna survey work in a local reserve. We met with a ranger and two ecologists on site to see what had been caught in the traps set overnight. Seeing the wildlife up-close was fantastic. Each animal was handled so delicately during its identification for the survey. The landscape was beautiful with sandstone ridges, grass trees and a rock-bed creek of interspersed pools. We heard frog croak and saw various burrows, along with a couple of lace monitor. It's not often that I would have an opportunity to join in an outing like this, not just to see the scientific work that is being undertaken, but also to partake in the conversation that occur around subjects of environment.
Thank you Sue, it was so good!

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