Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Synergy - Rejuvenation

'Synergy - Tides II' Nicola Moss 2015, Hand cut and pieced papers, synthetic polymer paint, charcoal frottage, collagraph, pigmented ink, washi paper. Framed size 51 x 53cm. Courtesy of the artist and SGAR.

It's a week since my solo show Synergy opened at Spiro Grace Art Rooms in Brisbane. I've spent the last week reading, sleeping, spending time in the garden and catching up on tasks I'd put aside, things like tax and a visit to the dentist. I'm enjoying having Synergy in my routine.

I think of Synergy as a way we connect with environment around us. It's something I feel when I'm present in a place; present enough in a time and space that my senses are engaged with the living world around me. It's noticing the breeze on my face, listening to a bird call, watching clouds pass in the sky. When I paint outdoors on site with friends I go home with a weathered feeling, but at the same time I find the experience rejuvenating. Perhaps you notice it when you're on holidays or in fleeting moments - eating lunch under a tree in a city park. I value this connection or exchange of energy, it enriches my sense of place and well-being, it's what I think of as Synergy.

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