Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Thank You

City and Nature at Gallerysmith Project Space was packed up yesterday, I have lots of people to thank, including my dad for his wonderful assistance with de-installing the show and painting walls. To both my parents, thanks for having me to stay the two weeks. Thanks to my biggest supporter husband Phil. And thanks to David for your assistance with install.

I would like to Thank everyone who came along to see the show, your overwhelmingly positive response and engagement with the work was great. Including a last minute visit from Deb and Noel on destall morning. And all the messages of encouragement I received from friends back home, thank you so much.

Thanks also to Emma and Marita, and the lovely ladies Linda and Deb from M Collection, so much enthusiasm for art is a wonderful attribute, I'm delighted to have work going to a new home.

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