Friday, April 29, 2016

Installation images of City and Nature

'City and Nature' ©2016 Nicola Moss. Courtesy of the artist and SGAR. Images courtesy of BCM.
I enjoyed seeing Danielle curate work for City and Nature, in a space which isn't the traditional white box. Above are a few images of the install at BCM Crucible Gallery, with my Synergy canopy work transformed to a 'living wall'.

City and Nature is curated by Danielle Harvey, the current recipient of BCM and artisan's Emerging Curator Mentorship. This exhibition brings together paper cut and sculptural works from my recent series Synergy (2015) and City and Nature (2015). On show at BCM Crucible Gallery from 7th April to 18th May 2016. Viewing by appointment.

Danielle has written a thoughtful curatorial essay to accompany the exhibition, this is an excerpt -

" Nicola’s City and Nature series stems from her travels in Japan and an artist residency at Grafton Regional Art Gallery, in which she continued to examine conceptual ideas of nature’s role in constructing city identities. While art, architecture and culture continually renew a city’s identity, city trees also have the power to contribute to a community’s sense of identity. Trees and plants are often used in cities as memorials, as living museums in botanical gardens, and as city emblems – some even becoming national symbols like the famous Japanese cherry blossom. City and Nature responds to the curated ecology of cities and the interconnection between nature and the city, reminding us that nature is just as important to a city’s identity as the buildings that occupy it. Different species can be found between layers of everyday objects in these works as a reference to nature’s need to adapt to changing cityscapes as a result of urban development."

The full curatorial essay can be read online at the artisan blog.
Thanks to Danielle, BCM and artisan for their support.

Friday, April 1, 2016

City and Nature at BCM Crucible Gallery

'Araucaria' ©2016 Nicola Moss. Paper mache, plastic straws, masking tape, modelling paste, synthetic polymer paint, wax and natural ochre.    45 x 35 x 28cm.  Courtesy of the artist and SGAR.

In February I was delighted to receive an email from Danielle Harvey inviting me to exhibit at BCM Crucible Gallery, as part of The Emerging Curator program.

In 2011, artisan formed a partnership with BCM which involves the curation of a number of exhibitions in the Crucible Gallery space within the BCM office to showcase the best of Queensland craft and design artists as part of an Emerging Curator mentorship.
The Emerging Curator program develops the talents of an emerging arts curator under the guidance of the artisan team, and the program was recognised in the 2012 Australia Council's Young and Emerging Artists category of the AbaF Queensland Awards. The artisan/BCM partnership is helping to develop future arts leaders, support Queensland's craft and design community, and also provides exhibition opportunities for Queensland's talented artists.

Danielle has curated 'City and Nature' with a selection of my hand cut paper works, installation and recent paper mache sculpture. City and Nature is on show from 8th April to 18th May 2016.

My sincere thanks to artisan and BCM for supporting this program and exhibition.