Friday, May 13, 2016

Noosa Art Award 2016

'Greenbelt - Connectivity Conservation' ©2016 Nicola Moss. Watercolour, synthetic polymer paint, gouache, ink, coloured pencil and graphite on Arches 300gsm paper, 145 x 101cm. Courtesy of the artist and SGAR. Photographed by Carl Warner.

Greenbelt – Connectivity Conservation is on show in the Noosa Art Award finalists exhibition at the Noosa Regional Gallery from 6 May until 26 June 2016.

‘Greenbelt’ reflects on the value of Australia’s coastal and hinterland environments. These are desirable locales for living, for both people and other life. It is estimated around 85% of Australians live within 50km of the coast.  These complex and often high biodiversity regions become patch-worked through development, conservation and cultural use, stretching networks of subtle and fragile relationships.
Habitat seen as lines drawn on a map can seem absurd in the context of wildlife movement. The National Wildlife Corridors Plan is a long term strategy to restore and manage ecological connections. It recognises that connectivity is a fundamental requirement of healthy landscapes. My work suggests there are also less tangible benefits to community in a sense of well-being we gain from nature.