Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kin Kin Creek: Re-Forest

The third stop on the NICA Catchment Excursion No.8 was for lunch and a walk at the property of Geoff and his brother Andrew at Kin Kin Creek Eastern Branch. Geoff and Andrew spoke about the history of land use on their property and their work to re-vegetate. The passion and hours invested by landholders has a significant impact on soil stabilisation and soil run-off into Kin Kin Creek, highlighting the benefits of Acting Locally. I chose the creek walk, meandering in shade cast by Blue Quandong, Foam Bark, Bunya Pine and many more trees; with the clear waters bubbling along.

Big Thanks to Geoff and Andrew for inviting us to their property and speaking about their passion.

Our final stop for the day was at Kin Kin Arboretum. The re-introduction of the site as a place of education and living history was driven by the inspiration of a few local members of the Noosa and District Landcare Group and the generosity of the previous Noosa Shire Council.

The reserve was dedicated in honour of William Douglas Francis, his family were pioneer residents of the area and he went on to become a noted botanist. The threatened species section of the arboretum is dedicated to Herb Schnitzerling who instigated the planting of this section.

We had a walk around the established tracks through re-vegetation areas and the rare and threatened species section. I'll be headed back to spend more time in this living collection and take a wander in the 50+ year old Hoop Pine plantation.

Big thanks to Phillip Moran, Noosa and District Landcare, for identifying and pointing out species of interest. And apologies for calling you Steve at the end!

And special thanks to Tony and Stephanie from NICA for driving me around for the day and organising such an informative and enjoyable excursion.

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