Monday, March 20, 2017

3331 Art Fair

On Friday Loh Xiang Yun and I joined Hiroko Murata and Tatsuhiko Murata, the Directors of Youkobo Art Space, and Makiko Tsuji, AIR Co-ordinator of Youkobo, at the opening event of 3331 Art Fair - Various Collectors Prizes. The Various Collectors Prizes presented a curated exhibition of 77 artists' work, selected from emerging to well-established artists.
Some artists were selected by galleries, others selected by curators and arts industry figures; Youkobo Art Space directors selected two artists in the Art Fair.
It was a lovely evening of art viewing, introductions, wonderful conversations and invitation giving to our upcoming Open Studio event at Youkobo Art Space.

A few artists stood out for me, Fuyuka Shindo whose work I saw on my last trip to Japan at the Sapporo International Art Festival. Her artwork is a detailed layering of imagery in embroidery on dried fish skin, with the appearance of translucent textured parchment, it's a delicate yet striking combination of materials, heritage and ecological discussion. It was a delight to meet Fuyuka on the night and see more of her work.
Yasuko Toyoshima had a substantial work on paper installed on the gallery wall, discussing history of migration of Japanese people. Specifically selected washi paper added another layer of significance to the work.

With special thanks to Murata-san for many introductions. Above image courtesy of Youkobo Art Space. 3331 Art Fair finishes today Monday 20th March 2017.

The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and the City of Gold Coast Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

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