Thursday, March 26, 2020

Day 3 - Supply

Studio storage, March 2020.
Day 3 of  #LocalAir (Local Artist in Residence) was all about supplies. The morning began with a grocery shop to have enough food to get through the mid-April 'peak'. Then home in the studio a look at what hardware I have for making over the next month.
Organising supplies is usually a Day 1 activity for me on a residency. Filling the fridge and studio with materials can be an adventure. In Tokyo at Youkobo Art Space, the local supermarket was a whole new experience, a mix of google translate, interpretation of images on containers and Wow! I wonder what that would taste like :-) At Haefliger's Cottage in Hill End I purchased groceries in Bathurst to last two weeks, and I'd filled my car with art materials and tools before heading on the road trip from the Gold Coast.

Studio materials, Youkobo Art Space Tokyo 2017.

In 2020 I'm drawing on resources physical and experiential gleaned over 30 years. It was a motivating exercise to look through my archive, storage and stretch some canvases.

I also decided to change my supply of news... we all know the story now. No need for me to suck up the hourly cycle :-) Spring light was amazing this morning, I practiced my yoga routine, got some fresh air feeding the chooks, imagined positive activity, planned conversation with friends, and generally focused on well-being. Some routine and structure has been established for #LocalAir... now for some making.

Keep well everyone x

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